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Test Knitters!

Writing detailed and error free patterns is a bit of an obsession with us. In addition to instructions, tables and charts we add tips, links and how to information in every pattern. Try as we might it is hard to proof your own work. We might to think things are clear when maybe there's a better way to explain something or there may be a link to a web page that doesn't exist.

That's why we would love some help testing our patterns and where you come in. When we're ready we'll send out a list of up coming patterns. We'll pick ten test knitters to get a sneak peek at the pattern. It's kind of on a first come, first serve basis but make sure you can meet the guidelines. Don't worry more information will be sent in the project email.
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Here's a sample page from our Non-Garter Log Cabin Blanket to give you an idea of our level of detail.
What does it take to be a test knitter?
  • Time. Can you finish the project in two to three weeks (more of course if it's a big project).
  • Feedback: Take notes on what you like and don't like
  • Photos: We'd love some pictures of your finished project.
  • Skills: No you do not have to be an expert knitter to test knit. Sometimes feedback from less experienced knitters would be very helpful. Since all of our patterns use new skills it would be best if you have a good understanding of core knitting techniques, k2tog vs. ssk for example. We'll make sure to list the skills needed for each pattern.