Knitting Nuances
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Our Skill Levels

You do not have to be an expert to knit our designs, there's nothing we design that is overly complicated. However, since they do take advantage of new knitting techniques it helps to be familiar with the basic skills on which they are based. For example, the difference between k2tog and ssk, slipping knitwise or reorienting stitches.
We do have some great starter projects but the bulk of our designs are geared toward the intermediate knitter but we will make sure to note when a project will take extra attention to detail.

As a Beginner Knitter you want to practice your core skills -- casting on, knitting, binding off -- while adding new skills to your repertoire. New skills may include the purl stitch, distinguishing a knit stitch from a purl stitch, mixing knits and purls to create stockinette stitch, and learning to recognize and fixing simple mistakes such as the incomplete stitch and the one level dropped stitch.

At this level, you can also add versatility to your projects with simple 2 row stripes, elongated knit stitches, and yarn combinations. The basic decrease (k2tog) is used for shaping.
As a Bridge Knitter you're ready to expand your skills and to take on a variety of projects. At this level, you'll start mixing knits and purls to create ribbing or simple texture stitch patterns, shaping garments with basic increases and decreases, and knitting in the round.

You'll also learn the basics of simple finishing including picking up stitches, seaming using the mattress stitch, and adding single crochet for a beautiful finished edge. Bridge knitters become comfortable fixing dropped stitches and ripping out rows.
As an Intermediate Knitter you're seeking to challenge yourself and to fine-tune your skills, such as improving finishing skills, reading charts, and shaping garments. Projects in this category could involve full fashioned shaping -- including waist shaping, armhole shaping, and neckline shaping -- as well as short rows for shoulder shaping.

More complex garments will require finishing skills such as seaming sleeve cap into armhole, 3 needle bind off for shoulders and more complex stitch patterns with charts.
Experienced knitters have been around the block and worked with a variety of knitting techniques. Let's not confuse experienced with expert - I've been knitting for years and still would not consider myself an expert. There's a lot for experienced knitters on this web site. You will be the most appreciative of how small changes to your knitting can have such a big impact. You'll immediately start to think of other ways to use these ideas which is why we put the skills details of every pattern on it's own page, so you can print it out and use it elsewhere.
Some projects, require skills other than knitting. We always include detailed instructions and photo "how to's" but you might be adding some fabric and sewing a bit by hand.