Knitting Nuances
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Help Downloading Free Files

I clicked on the free download link and can see it in my browser but don't know how to download it.

Move your cursor to the bottom center of the page. A box will magically appear with an arrow for downloading. If you continue to have problems you can email us at and we would be pleased to send you one via email.

Do you have a mailing list?

We do have a mailing list but we promise to use it sparingly! We'll use it to send advance notifications of patterns, new skills and specials. You can sign up here.

How can I send you pictures for the Customer Gallery?

We'd love to hear from you and share a photo of your finished project on our site. Just send your finished photo to and we'll add it to our Customer Gallery.

Make sure we can see the details of what makes your project special. You can show us how you look wearing the project or send a close up of a specific detail you want to share. If you have a blog, please include a link to your blog or blog entry and we'll include that with your photo.

I think I found an error in a pattern. What should I do?

We have tested all of our patterns but no one is perfect so we're really glad you found something for us.

  • First check your pattern, many have a link to additional support on our web site. Check there to look for additional hints and clarifications.
  • We also have a Corrections section with knows errors or updates.
  • When we find one we will update the pattern and post it to Ravelry. Check your messages there for notifications.

If you still think you have an issue please send a note to with details on the project you are knitting and we will get right back to you.

Do you accept designs from independent designers?

Absolutely! We're designed to take advantage of the vast amount of creativity and talent available from you online knitters and designers. Send a note to for more information about our Independent Designers Program.

Can I visit your store?

We are located just north of San Diego. But since we are basically designers we get to work from home in our pajamas.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We sell our patterns wholesale to Local Yarn Shops. Please visit our LYS section for more information.