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Heliosphere Hat

Here's how the Showy Decrease redefines the hat top!
The Vortex Hat gave you a glimpse into how the Showy Decrease can hide decreases in plain sight, but this Heliosphere Hat is where the fun really starts.
knitting nuances vortex hat
So what's different about this hat? It has 3 new knitting ideas built in!
  • It starts with the Resilient Cast On for an edge that's both decorative and practical.
  • The Showy Decreases create a design that raised up on the right side of stockinette.
  • The Double Decker Hat close adds even more texture and interest at the very top.
Best of all, none of these "nuances" as we call them, are overly complex.

  • Nuance Skills
    This hat introduces new techniques from start to finish.
    Knitting Nuance Skills Used:
    • Resilient Cast On
    • Showy Decrease
    • Double Decker Hat Closure
  • Gauge/Yarn
    Yarn Gauge: 4.5, 5.0 or 5.5 stitches per inch (better if knit slightly tighter than ball gauge)
    Yardage: MC 100-125 yards

    Download our free sample pages for details of all the samples we show in the photos above.
  • Difficulty
    This project is good for intermediate knitters who can knit in the round on 2-circulars. While each technique is not difficult we are introducing a number of them in this pattern.
  • Sizes
    Infant, baby, child, teen, small and medium
  • Notions
    Standard knitting notions needles, tapestry needle, markers. You'll need 2 circular needles or one long one if you use the magic loop method.