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Learn about Tunisian Knitting/Crochet
Want to know more about this fun craft?
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This interesting craft has a long history spanning many different parts of the world. Tunisian Knitting or Crochet (a.k.a. Shepard's Knitting, Scottish Knitting, Irish Crochet, Hook Knitting and the Afghan Stitch) is a cross between Continental knitting and simple crochet. The woven look is unlike either.
How is Tunisian Crochet Similar to Knitting and Crochet?
  • It uses one hook
  • You'll cast on stitches using the Long Tail Cast On
  • You hold the yarn in your left hand similar to crochet and continental knitting.
  • Uses a simple motion similar to a single crochet stitch.
How is Tunisian Crochet different?
  • You won't turn your work. The right side is always facing you.
  • It's easier to use multiple colors than it is just one (yippee!).