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We’d love for you to be able to incorporate our “Nuances” into all your knitting. That’s why we are carefully announcing new techniques and patterns in a way that each ones builds on the one before it.

However, some ideas that were announced months apart work particularly well together. Bonus materials are a way for us to organize these into a way that will help you the most
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PDF Tutorial and Pattern Downloads

1. Nuancing Your Knit Edges
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Our first bonus material was inspired by you because we have over 18,000 views on our two knit edges posts!  The file includes three non-garter edges, including one that has not yet been announced. These edges won’t pull your knit fabric out of shape the way a garter edge does.

Click here to download:
 Nuancing Your Knit Edges
2. Showy & Subtle Decrease Summary
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Here’s a quick 1-page overview of how and why the Showy and Subtle Decrease work. It’s a great quick reference for you.

The Showy Decrease is the basis for many of our ideas.

Click here to download
 –> Showy & Subtle Decreases
3. Dramatic Hat Brims
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Want your hat brims to wow? This 4-page tutorial includes:
  1. The Alternating Long Tail Cast On
  2. The Woven Cast On version
  3. How to Transition into several Showy Ribs
Click here to download –> Dramatic Hat Brims

There is a video for the Alternating Long-Tail cast on used here above..

4. Outer Limits Bonus Pattern
Just for you. This pattern is the result of a 3-part blog post exploring the impact Nuances can have on standard stitch patterns.
Click here to download the pattern
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5. Non-rolling cast on and bind off

Click here for PDF download and check out our You Tube channel for a link to a video tutorial.
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How To Videos

Our New You Tube Channel
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With so many new and upcoming videos we’ve moved them all to You Tube to make it easier for you. The videos will include our Nuance techniques and also pattern classes if we think they will help you get started with a project.

Here’s a list of what’s there currently:
- Cassini Shawl Overview & Class
- Knotted K2tog Bind off
- Resilient Cast On
- Alternating long-Tail Cast On
- Non-rolling cast on and bind off edges

You can link to our You Tube Channel here.

As soon as we have enough subscribers, I’ll be able to add nicer formatting. You Tube limits that ability to channels with a certain number of followers.

Send me an email if you have any requests. I’m on a roll now! Laura