Knitting Nuances
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Our “Nuances”

Want to try something new in your knitting? If so you're in the right place.
This is where we launch new knitting techniques. Some are brand new, some are tweaks to techniques you already know and love. Each one is designed to make your knitting
look better, act better or be easier to finish. Our patterns are tutorials that illustrate how these straightforward ideas can work.

Click on any photo for more information. Most links will bring you to our blog announcement. Some of our major announcements have pages listed to the right.

The Flat i-Cord

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Showy Decrease

Stacks Image 2226

Double Decker Hat Top

Stacks Image 2233

Showy Garter

Stacks Image 9331

Resilient Cast On

Stacks Image 2235

Woven Cast On

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Duality Cast On

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Resilient Bind Off

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Knotted Bind Off

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The Showy Rib

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Try these Nuance-lettes! They're small tweaks or fun ideas we announce in our Blog.

Knit 1 B & F (reverse it!)

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Hatch Stitch Edge

Stacks Image 7565

Raised Ridge

Stacks Image 771

Double Showy Decrease

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Showy Ridge Edge

Stacks Image 8746

2-Color i-Cord Bind Off

Stacks Image 8751

Covert Eyelet Increase

Stacks Image 750
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We've got some general knitting tips for you too ...