Knitting Nuances
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Designers get inspired with new knitting techniques that will drive new levels of creativity!
Fun new knitting techniques are no good if we keep them to ourselves. So we offer designers access to exclusive information created to make it easier to add Knitting Nuance skills to your patterns. Everything is free, the sign up is simply so we can control pre-announcement information.

What's a Designer? You don't have to be world renown to be a designer in our eyes. If you sell on Ravelry, publish in Knitty or have your own blog and fiddle with patterns you're a designer.

New Cast Ons!

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New Hat Tops!

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New Decreases!

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  • Our Support Plan
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    Designer Support
    We hope our techniques inspire new avenues for your designs. Here's what we offer to help you:
    • Exclusive links to additional design support and tips
    • Advance Notice of new skills announcements
    • Downloadable skills pages in pdf format to use in your patterns
    • Downloadable charts in pdf and jpeg formats to use in your patterns
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    Got some great ideas but need a little more help? We'll do what we can to support your needs.
    • Support for questions with implementation of techniques via a Designer only questions page and contact email.
    • Links from our site to your web site, blog or Ravelry store