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How Long should you knit your scarf?

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A traditional scarf goes tip to tip. If you hold out your arms the scarf should reach from your left finger tip across to your right. This averages about 60”. A men’s scarf is typically about 6” wide, whereas, a women’s scarf width has more flexibility. A narrow scarf can be knit just 5” wide or a dramatic wider scarf up to 10”.

Here is a sample of three different scarf lengths with a description of what they can do. There is no wrong way, just a few great options depending on your need.

Short Scarf (about 55" long)
This is the size of the typical mens scarf. It’s a great all season scarf length.

1. Drapes unwrapped to perfect blazer length.
2. Ties under bust and hangs to waist.

Medium Scarf (about 70" long)
Highly versatile scarf length.

1. Wrap it around once.
2. Fold it in half and pass the tail through for the European look.

Long Scarf (about 82" long)
Lot’s of length to wrap for a cozy and dramatic look. You can see an example here with this Double Play scarf from our sister site,

1. Wrap it once and hang to waist
2. Wrap it twice around
3. Fold it in half and tuck it through with lots of tail.