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The Fiftyfifty Shell

Published in Knitty Spring & Summer 2014!
When asked to design a project that featured the Showy Decrease we wanted to show you the many ways in which they can be used, so we included 4 variations of the Showy Decrease then added 2 versions of the Subtle Decrease and used them:
  • In stitch patterns
  • Shape armholes
  • Creating a V-Neck
  • Contrasting them to the Subtle Decrease
But that's not all that's new here. Try our Resilient Cast On for a decorative edge that's functional too. And take a peek at the v-neck and armhole edges. We use a non-rolling edge that's much prettier than a garter edge. Each of these Nuances has a free tutorial page you can download below.
More Information on Techniqes
Want more information about the Nuances? Here you go. We've created one-page summaries so you can use them in your other patterns too. You'll find even more Nuances on our
Techniques page.
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Alternative Yarn Option
Rowan Softknit Cotton
- 92% cotton, 8% poly. 115 yards per 50g ball. Color 580 Marina.
- Estimated yardage 410 (465, 555, 625, 740, 810, 880)
- Number of balls 4 (5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8)
Simpler Patterns to Start With (and they're free too)
If knitting a project with so many new details seems a bit daunting we recommend you try out one or more of the three projects below to warm up. They are all introductory patterns for the same skills and available as a free book download on our Ravelry store

Parallelity Scarf

Try the K2Tog Showy Decrease

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Manchester Scarf

Matching Decreases & Hatch Edge

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Late Harvest Shawl

The Subtle Decrease

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