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New! The Intro to Showy Garter eBook 1

Learn how to use the Showy Decrease in an whole new way in this free e-book with 4 dish cloth tutorial patterns and 3 scarves. You can read about it in our series of 5 Showy Garter Decrease
blog posts.
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For Blog Readers: Swatch Info for Garter Lake Shawl

The next iteration of the Showy Garter stitch will be published in Showy Garter in Motion e-Book 2.
This blog post gives you a sample swatch to try out. Click on the photo below for the download.
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Parallelity Scarf & Shawl
Diagonal Showy Decreases

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Manchester Scarf
Left & Right Decreases

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Late Harvest Shawl
Subtle Decreases

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Fiftyfifty Shell

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High Sierra Scarf

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Metamorphosis Hat

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Seismic Scarf
Broken Showy Raised Rib

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Telluride Canyon Scarf
1 x 2 Showy Raised Rib

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Outer Limits
Bonus for Blog Followers

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Interpretations Scarf

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Free Knitting Nuance Skills Tutorials
Here are just a few of the free Knitting Nuances Technique Tutorials. You can see them all on our Techniques page. Our blog is also full of tutorials.

Showy & Subtle Decreases

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Double Decker Hat Top

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Flat i-Cord

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