Knitting Nuances
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Our designs demonstrate ideas on how to use our Nuances.
Click on any photo for more information.
1. Getting Started. These projects are the perfect way to learn about our core Nuance - Showy and Subtle Decreases. Available as a free e-book in Ravelry. Click on photo for more information.

Parallelity Scarf

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Manchester Scarf

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Late Harvest Shawl

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2. Take the next step. These hats have new techniques from start to finish; new cast ons, crown shaping and our fabulous Double Decker Hat close. Click on photo for more information.

Vortex Hat

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Yosemite Hat

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Rip Cord Hat

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3. Showy Garter: Perfect for new and experienced knitters.
Our signature new technique, the Showy Decrease, adds amazing raised detail to garter stitch.

Smart-Baby Blanket

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BYO Chimney Stocking

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Knitting Bricks

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Cassini Shawl

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Arisaid Pleated Scarf

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Rubicon Bay Scarf

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Zephyr Cove

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Dish Clothes

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Granite Lake

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4. Kick it up a notch! These projects apply Nuances in more complex ways. Our detailed pattern support mean they're still great for intermediate knitters. Click on photo for more information.

Marlette Mittens
Showy Cable Rib

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Mistral Blanket

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Dubhlinn Cowl
Showy Cable Rib

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Fiftyfifty Shell
5 Variations of Decreases

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Tranquility Shawl
Beautiful Edges all Around

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Raised Diamond Points
Matching Showy Decreases

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Embossed Leaf Hat
New way to add contrasting color

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High Sierra Scarf
Showy Decrease and Edges

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Heliosphere Hat
Redefining Hat Tops

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Estrellita Blanket

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5. Showy Raised Rib Patterns! The Showy Decrease makes for amazing ribs.

Telluride Canyon Scarf

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Seismic Scarf

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Seismic Cowl

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6. Try the Flat i-Cord! Here's a new idea that has so many fun applications! More about why we love it in the Techniques section. All proceeds from this section go to charity.


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Dubhlinn Shell

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Iquitos Scarf

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7. Enjoy these fun patterns too. They don't include any Nuances per se but they're still innovative and fun!

Nuance Log Cabin
Pretty Non-Garter Version

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Try Tunisian Crochet!

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Scarf and Poncho Versions

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